How School-Based Counselors Help Kids Cope with Drug Addiction

How School-counselors help kids cope with addiction

Addiction in America is an exceptionally complex issue, especially in the ways that it affects the families wrapped up in the chaos. It’s true that no one is more impacted by drug-related trauma at home than children, and nowhere is this more obvious than in America’s schools. According to NPR, schools have become so under-equipped to help kids of… Read More

Remembering Celebrity Losses to Addiction & Mental Health Issues in 2018

Remembering celebrity losses in 2018

If you feel like 2018 has been a difficult year in terms of celebrity deaths, you’re right. While many well-known actors, singers and personalities have passed as a result of natural causes, drug abuse, depression and anxiety have also played a role in these losses. There have been a number of high-profile celebrity deaths over the past 12 months… Read More

Breaking the Family Cycle of Addiction

Is Addiction hereditary, and how to break it?

We already know that growing up with addicted family members is difficult. But, does it increase the odds of an individual developing a substance use disorder (SUD) in the future? According to a US News and World Report article published in November 2018, it does. The article cites a study suggesting that family drug and alcohol abuse is a key… Read More

Practicing Better Communication in Recovery

How to practice better communication in recovery

Communication is the foundation for success in any household. Yet, people struggling with substance abuse often feel they cannot talk to their loved ones. In some cases, they even turn to drugs or alcohol because they can’t express their feelings and thoughts. On the other hand, many loved ones don’t know how to communicate with an addict when… Read More

The Most Common Medical Complications Alongside Addiction

What are some of the most common medical complications of addiction?

Addiction is a chronic disease affecting your psychological and physical self. An alcohol, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine or prescription pill addiction detrimentally impacts all physiological systems and may even exact permanent damage to your health. Specifically, certain brain areas and neurotransmitters responsible for supporting hormone release, memory, motivation, executive thinking and impulse control are severely incapacitated by drug and… Read More

Why Addiction Isn’t Necessarily a Moral Failure

Is addiction a moral failing?

It is important to differentiate addiction from a moral failure. Those plagued with a medical disease are prone to a complete lapse in judgement in direct conflict with a moral code, but from a medically induced disassociation with reality. Drug Addict or Bad Person? There is widespread accusation and stereotype into the character of those addicdsted to drugs… Read More

Do You Have An Addictive Personality?

What is an addictive personality disorder

You may have heard that some people are more ‘addiction prone’ than others. Is it possible that identifying an individual at risk of becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol could be done earlier by noticing addictive personality traits? Is the ‘addictive personality’ a real thing, or is it just a casual expression? What is an Addictive Personality? “Addictive… Read More

Tolerance, Dependence and Addiction

Tolerance, Dependence, Addiction

There is a significant difference between tolerance and dependence. By understanding this difference, it is possible for an individual living with drug addiction to see where they are and to take the best possible treatment path for their needs. Are you dependent? If so, seek out care immediately. Define Tolerance Before a person becomes dependent on a drug,… Read More

Avoidance Is Keeping Your Addiction Alive

Avoidance is Keeping Your Addiction Alive

Avoidance in relation to substance addiction is simply the refusal that there is an issue. Often times, addicts are in denial that they are abusing drugs and/or alcohol to get through their daily lives. There is a social stigma attached to substance abuse that makes admitting addiction incredibly difficult. Addicts do not want to admit that their entire lives… Read More

The Relationship Between Drugs and Media

The Relationship between drugs and the media

The Relationship Between Drugs and Media The depiction of drug and alcohol use is everywhere in the media. These days, you can’t turn on the TV or go on the Internet without seeing or reading about drug and alcohol use. It’s on the news, it’s shown on TV shows, it’s discussed at large in print media and publications…. Read More