Setting Boundaries

When you have a family member or friend who is addicted to opiates or other drugs, it is important to set boundaries. This is not easy to do but is essential for your health and safety and to their recovery.

What You Can Offer

Addiction is a disease, and the sooner you can internalize this, the faster you can be there for your friend. Try to direct your love and compassion to direct them to help. At the same time, recognize the power drugs have to cause a person to act out of character.

The biggest weapon addictive drugs has is denial. Your friend might see their life unraveling yet turn to the drug for support; they might not recognize it as the cause of their problems. Be there for them to both listen and offer solutions. Your friend needs to choose recovery for themselves, but they may need your help to make that call or walk through that door.

If They Refuse Rehab

There are many places where a person can safely detox from opiates in Florida and throughout the United States. Suggest your friend get immediate help there before the problem gets worse.

But don’t forget about the dangerous weapon that drugs have: denial. Your friend may not recognize their problem. You may need to draw and firmly enforce boundaries. You mustn’t enable their addiction, and letting them know that you are there for them, but you will not let their addiction destroy your life. If you have to distance yourself from the friend, do so humanely. Let them know that if they decide that they are ready to attempt recovery, you will be there for them wholeheartedly.

Never neglect your own mental health during this time. There are many support groups and options for people with friends and family members dealing with addiction.

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