How To Better Support The Addict In Your Life Instead of Being an Enabler

Do you live in a home with an addict? If you do, you might feel like you spend your whole life walking around on eggshells. You’re scared that they’ll slip up and turn back to their addiction now that they’re back from long term rehab. Florida has some of the best rehab out there so if you have an addict in your house who hasn’t been to treatment, call us at (844) 299-0618 so we can walk through our programs with you and your loved one. If you live with an addict, here are a few easy things you can do to make it easier for them to stay sober.


Get a lock box for prescription medications. For a person addicted to opiates there often comes a moment in a their addiction where they find themselves rummaging through another person’s medicine cabinet. Take that trigger and craving away from them by keeping your prescription medication in a lock box, out of the way from your loved one.

Consider solidarity. By which I mean, consider not drinking while your loved one is going through the intense process of becoming sober, and when they first come back to rehab. I can’t think of a more potent symbol of encouragement and love for an addict as someone who is willing to abstain with them.

If you can’t bring yourself to consider solidarity, try only drinking when you go out. If you’re not able to do either of these things the bare minimum should be to keep your alcohol out of site.

Never enable. Addiction can make people do and say things they may never say otherwise. One of your biggest concerns while living with an addict is to not fall in to a pattern of codependency and don’t enable your loved one’s habits. Don’t let them talk you into buying them alcohol because they don’t have the money. Don’t give them prescription medication that is not prescribed to them.

Remember it is your job as their loved one to support them and help them on their journey to sobriety.


If you or anyone you know are struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, help them seek out medical detox, and long term drug rehab. Florida has a number of great drug rehabilitation clinics. Ours offers extensive amenities as well as multiple treatment programs. Contact us here.


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