Complete the Circle by Peter Marinelli

If we could, lets us imagine our life as circles and our relationships with others as circles.
So many of us go through life with these broken circles. Never having completed them because of obstacles that are in our way, (resentments, fear, contempt jealousy, ad infinitum) and relationships are unresolved. Obstacles that we were not even aware of. To remove the wedge so the circle can be complete, (weather these relationships are current or not), is one of the keys to experiencing true inner freedom and inner peace, we can move forward no longer having to be governed by the voices of the past.
Our relationships with others changes as our relationship with the universe begins to change. We are in touch. This type of spirit has a direct affect on others. So when we begin to heal, we touch the lives of others, and they can begin to heal. Home life is better, work place is better – we are better.
As we begin to complete these circles, in every area of our life, like a circle there is no beginning, no end. Connectedness, rather then separateness. No attachment to
before, no attachment to later on – it is.

Lets stop pushing away what we don’t want and start embracing what we do want
Think not of lack but of abundance
Get the “inner sense” of you
So many of us try to live up to an impression of who we think we are rather then an expression of who we really are. Take action to make the difference. Perhaps small steps at the beginning, but action nonetheless. In doing we succeed. In doing, we begin to experience change, begin to experience presence, being-ness, awareness. An inner-sense of you. A stillness which moves us rather then having external conditions own us.
Your life is waiting to be born allow this birth to begin.
It seems like the only one who really holds any of us back are ourselves. Abundance, peace, joy is yours to be had.
The truth is true until we find out it no longer isn’t.

Chop wood carry water

Peter Marinelli

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