Recovery Right After Rehab

You’ve made it! You’ve completed drug rehabilitation! You are armed with so many tools to ensure your success and prevent a relapse. You’ve attended the classes, met the with therapists, completed the work books, and put in real effort. You are ready to change your life for the better forever. But, can you be successful outside of inpatient? Absolutely!



One of the most important pieces of recovery is surrounding yourself with people who want to see you succeed. Many feel ashamed coming out of rehab, so they isolate themselves. That’s the worst thing you can do at this tie. You have worked hard to beat this illness and you will still need support. Find people to attend activities where drugs and alcohol are not involved and who can be leaned on in times of difficulty. Fill your time with individuals who understand the importance of sobriety.

This may mean terminating relationships that are not beneficial to your recovery. Friends and family who are abusing substances are a danger to your sobriety and it is important to set hard boundaries for your continued success. Attend meetings or groups where you can connect with others on the same journey and discuss your triumphs in a nonjudgmental setting.


Isolation and idle time can create the perfect storm to relapse. Create a routine and follow it. Get plenty of rest, eat regularly and attend all appointments. Don’t skip meeting with your doctors, groups, or therapists. Plan and prepare for each day to stay on track. A journal is a great way to record your activities and keep track of a to-do list.

Self Care

Take care of yourself physically and mentally. Find new hobbies and interests that replace old patterns that involved drug abuse. Visit a farmers’ market, hike a new trail, get or give yourself a manicure. Whatever brings you joy and doesn’t involve substance abuse is a great way to relieve stress and create new and better habits to keep your healthy and happy.

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