5 Natural, Drug-Free Ways to “Get High”

The 5 natural drug-free ways to get high

Getting high can make you feel good. It’s that good feeling that often reinforces a pattern of substance abuse.

Yet, drugs that cause this euphoria are an unnatural way of achieving this feeling and dangerous to your health. You can learn how to get high naturally so you don’t have to rely on drugs to experience this feeling.

Did you know that up to 43 percent of 12th-grade high school students have used marijuana or hashish? The National Institutes on Drug Abuse also notes that 13.9 percent of eighth graders have used it as well. Many people use marijuana for the high it provides.

For those just beginning to use drugs, this elevated sense of euphoria quickly becomes addictive and may lead to the use of other drugs. This outcome is avoidable by looking for alternatives to getting high.

What Is a High?

The term “high” refers to a person’s significantly improved emotional and mental state when taking a drug. When people take a drug, they feel happy, relieved of stress and motivated. Many times, this high lasts for a short period of time.

People who are high may be more likely to be free-spirited, sometimes engaging in reckless behavior. They may laugh a lot.

Some people experience a subdued high. In this case, they feel numb and less capable of feeling a range of emotions, resulting in a sense of being relaxed and at ease even when situations around them are worrisome.

How Do Drugs Deliver a High Like This?

How do drugs deliver a high?A person using drugs can achieve a high, or euphoric-like experience, as a result of the way the chemicals interact with the brain. Drugs impact the way neurons in the brain work, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

It changes how they send and receive information and how they process signals transmitted through neurotransmitters. In drugs like marijuana, the chemicals mimic the natural neurotransmitters in the body. As a result, abnormal messages occur.

These drugs can create a high experience for several reasons.

First, the basal ganglia, an area of the brain known for stimulating the pleasurable effects of activities, does not receive the proper message signals. The drug’s chemicals over-activate and overstimulate the circuits in this area, creating the high. Over time, it becomes difficult for a person to feel pleasure from anything other than the drugs.

Second, the extended amygdala controls the stress felt in the brain, including unease and irritability. When the high fades, this area of the brain reacts, creating stress, which encourages a person to seek out more of the drug to feel high again. This can lead to addiction.

What Is a Natural High?

When you learn how to get high naturally, you may be able to achieve many of the same positive, happy feelings without the potential for addiction. Creating the sensation of being high when not using drugs is possible.

The way to achieve a natural high is to do something that stimulates the brain’s positive responses. Your goal is to encourage pleasurable feelings in the brain, and you can do it many ways other than with chemicals.

It’s possible to alter the consciousness of the brain to create this sense of high. Drugs themselves are a form of hijacking the brain to change its function for a different goal. While that comes with negative consequences, other methods are more positive or leave no lasting negative impact.

How Do These Highs Compare?

Comparing a natural high to a drug high can be difficult. Many people chase the manufactured high of drug use, but they might be able to achieve a natural high safely and still feel the same sense of relief, happiness, and enjoyment. The best natural high is one you can control and remember.

A person who is high on a drug may have limited functions and may not remember occurred around them. By comparison, those with a natural high are sure to remember what happened. The feeling of euphoria can range as widely with natural highs as they do with drug-induced highs.

For those with a drug addiction, natural highs can help minimize the risk of drug use. Studies reported in U.S. National Library of Medicine found that these natural highs can help to stimulate the neurotransmitters creating the endorphins, or positive hormones, the body craves. Natural highs make it possible to reduce the risk of seeking out a drug-induced high.

5 Natural Highs — Try These Instead of Drugs and Alcohol

Having a number of ways to get high without drugs can help you to avoid drug use and still feel good. Consider these options as ways to boost your long-term sobriety by increasing the presence of endorphins.

1. Exercise

How you achieve a natural high through exerciseIt may not seem like a fun activity to some people, but exercise is one of the most profound ways to increase feel-good hormones in the body. During a rigorous exercise session, specifically cardiovascular and aerobic workouts, the brain releases endorphins along with adrenaline.

Both hormones encourage your body to keep going and stimulate a sense of euphoria. If you don’t have a lot of experience with exercise, start slow to begin to feel the natural high. Choose:

  • Yoga
  • Going for a run that doesn’t exhaust your body
  • Swimming
  • Brisk walking
  • Boxing

2. Get Intimate

Being intimate with someone you care for can help create the same sense of high you may get from using drugs. A study from the University of Rhode Island found sex, along with other sensual touching, can release endorphins in the brain.

Physical touch itself, as long as it is in a positive manner, can be a significant way to reduce stress overall. This can be more intense if a person combines those physical sensations with emotions of love and respect.

3. Take it Down With Meditation

Some people believe meditation works to slow the brain down, creating calm and reducing stress and anxiety. Some drugs do this as well, as noted previously.

Meditation in itself also releases endorphins. Those who meditate to a deep level experience a lighthearted mood and a sense of greater control over their emotions. This could be why so many who meditate can handle stressful situations more effectively.

4. Explore Neurofeedback

Natural high - NeuroRehabNeurofeedback is a relatively new method for stimulating a sense of well-being. It often helps people manage their brainwaves to create the desired outcome.

Doctors recommend it for those who experience trauma. It can also help to reduce anxiety and depression, two common reasons people turn to drugs and alcohol.

Neurofeedback works to calm overactive brainwaves and triggers the release of endorphins. It can be empowering to learn how to control your brainwaves through this method.

5. Enjoy a Hearty Laugh

Perhaps the easiest and most enjoyable way to reach a level of euphoria is to laugh. Whether from funny jokes in a move to just remembering good times with friends, the action of laughing is a trigger for the brain to release those feel-good hormones. Laughter helps people to feel good nearly instantly, even faster than the use of drugs and alcohol.

Help for Your Addiction to an Unnatural High

If you are looking for a new high to replace drug-induced ones, you may need to receive treatment in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. To successfully break your addiction, support from a team of experienced professionals committed to your best outcome may be the answer.

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