Problem Gambling Destroyed His Life

Problem Gambling

March Is Problem Gambling Awareness Month

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month, and one man’s struggle epitomizes the losses and destruction caused by gambling addiction.

As reported by KCCI 8, one central Iowa man is sharing his story of recovery after years of compulsive gambling.

The Ankeny resident, who wished to remain anonymous, struggled with gambling for nearly 25 years, and said the constant loss of relationships and money only fed the addiction. His downward spiral ended two marriages, fizzled out his finances and cost him jobs.

“The big win for the addiction is your life,” the recovering gambler said. “Nine out of 10 things that came out of my mouth was a lie,” he said.

Kirk Nesset, a gambling education coordinator in Des Moines said March is popular month for sports betting and that it is important to look for signs of problem gambling.

When someone quits going to meetings or quits seeing a counselor, that’s usually when that relapse is going to happen,” Nessett said.

The Ankeny man told KCCI he is has gone 16 months without gambling.

Nesset encouraged Iowans to set a specific dollar amount for what they willing to lose before heading to the casino. Iowans are also advised not to gamble alone and to limit the amount of time spent gamble.

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To read more about how a gambling addiction can destroy lives, please visit KCCI 8.

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