Planning for Drug Rehab in South Florida

Taking the step to drug rehab in South Florida can cause major disruptions in your life. Although the changes are necessary to get your life back on track, the leap to recovery can be a bit scary. The staff at FHE Health can help you get ready to make the move.

Tips for Preparing for Drug Rehab in South Florida

1. Talk to your boss – schedule an appointment to discuss your situation with your employer. Be up front about the amount of time you need to invest in the recovery program.
2. Talk with your family – make the change easier for everyone by getting your family and friends involved from the beginning. Understanding the drug rehab process will help make it easier on those around you and will also help to release some stress from your own shoulders.
3. Talk with your lenders – contact the companies that you send payments to each month. Ask to speak to a supervisor or account specialist. You need to see if they have a program that will allow you to put your payments on hold while you are in recovery.

Talking to the right people can get you ready for drug rehab in South Florida.

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