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The Effect of Drug Addiction on The Body

drug detox in floridaRehabs FL are a great place to get your health back on track after drug and alcohol addiction. Drug and alcohol abuse can do a number on your body and I don’t mean that in a good way. Depending on your drug of choice you can become extremely underweight, become malnourished, lose your teeth, hair, have brittle skin, have poor mental clarity and vision. You can catch hep C, HIV, other blood borne pathogens and sexually transmitted disease, develop liver cirrhosis (if you drink excessive amounts of alcohol), and the list goes on. Aside from these physical ailments you can also develop mental illnesses and mood disorders. Having a dual diagnosis with your addiction, which means you have an addiction to a substance and also a mental health condition can make your life of addiction a lot more miserable. No matter which way you put it, being addicted hurts and no one wants to feel like a slave to a drug. Going to rehabs Fl can help you get your life and health back together. 

Recovering From Drug Addiction at Rehabs FL

Every drug and rehabs FL facility will take a picture of you as part of documentation. In the future if you ever need proof of how far you’ve come all you have to do is look back on that photo and the photos of when you were using. You will be shocked and thankful all at the same time for recovery. At rehabs FL detox you will begin your journey towards improving your health and chances of fully recuperating from your poor health. Your health can always improve even if you have a chronic illness whether as a direct result of your addiction or not. At rehabs FL detox you will start to remove the drugs from your body, focus on getting your sleeping patterns, eating habits and exercise habits back to normal. Lack of care in anyone of those areas can dramatically decrease your health and quality of life. At detox rehab FL facility you will focus on resting and sleeping. You might walk around a bit but exercising won’t be too far up on the importance scale. One you move into a rehabs FL center you will start to work on getting some exercise. Exercise is an important part of your recovery because the dopamine that your brain produces will slowly begin to replace those that drug addiction used to produce for you. Restoring your health at rehabs FL will help you find new purpose in life so that you can build up a defense system against cravings and triggers that might lead you to a relapse.

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