Northeast and Midwest Rank the Highest in the Country for Opiate-Related Drug Overdose Deaths

Midwest and Northeast Rank the Highest in the Country for Opiate-Related Drug Overdose Deaths

A complete 180-degree turn from the 80’s and 90’s heroin crisis that was largely concentrated in large cities, today’s opioid epidemic is rapidly growing in rural communities. A new article from The Economist cites data supporting: the fact that,”Deaths are highest in the Midwest and north-east, among middle-aged men, and among whites.”

One state that has been hit particularly hard in the Northeast is Maryland. “In the state of Maryland, which releases more timely figures, drug-overdose deaths were 62% higher in the first nine months of 2016 than a year earlier,” according to The Economist.

Interestingly enough, the article attributes the crisis to a newly-emerging drug market; “the terrifying rise in opioid deaths in the past few years seems to have less to do with white working-class despair and more to do with changing drug markets.” Criminals and drug dealers are well aware of opioids rising popularity and are ready to capitalize on the demand.

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