Kratom and America’s Problem with Opiates

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For those of you who have followed the news at all lately, you know that the country has been plagued with a problem with opiates, which has been deemed an opioid crisis. However, a smaller contingency of news reports have come out discussing a substance called kratom, which many people claim is a tool in helping them self-medicate their way through their own addiction to opiates. An even smaller number of news reports have also discussed that congress has been warning that they are going to put kratom on the list of scheduled drugs, which will obviously make it more difficult to purchase and use for those who have come to rely on it.


What is Kratom?

Kratom, as the way it’s used, is a dry powder substance that comes from processing a plant that shares the same name (“Kratom”). Cultures from areas where kratom is indigenous have been using it as a kind of supplemental tea for hundreds of years. In some of those cultures, kratom tea is used during some ceremonies.

When used, different strains of kratom offer varying degrees of stimulation and opioid-like effects. However, as with many naturally-derived supplements with foreign origins, there are very few studies about how kratom works and what it really can and can’t do for the people who use it. So, even though congress believes it’s adding to the opioid crisis and many users think it helps in dealing with opioid withdrawal, that doesn’t necessarily mean any of those claims are true, for they’re certainly not proven.


Getting Proven Help

That brings up a serious problem for those who are looking for opiates detox by way of kratom, especially here in Florida where it is still legal (except for in Sarasota County) – people trying to quit an addiction to opiates can face extreme withdrawal effects and be put into a dangerous situation simply because they believe what they’ve read about some untested substance on the internet.

Instead, contact us today for real, proven opiates detox in Florida.


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