Is Residential Rehab Similar to Living in a College Dorm?

Going to rehab is not quite like going to college

residential Rehab

However, the experience of living in a community of like-minded persons striving for the same goal is. I can’t even count how many times people have made the joke that some people go to college and some people go to rehab. I’m not sure why that’s even funny but it got me thinking about how very different the two paths are. If you are an addict, then college life can further fuel your addiction without many resources to help you detox and recover. Entering into the college atmosphere, especially at a big campus, is like starting a 4-year party that doesn’t really stop. Even if you’re not the partying type – at some point in the 4 or more years that you’ll be in college you’re most likely going to end up going to at least one party. And what can you expect to find at parties? Well, lots of booze and someone’s bound to have the connection for other types of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth, adderall, etc. This is not to say that everyone will drink or use while at college but if your addiction risk factors are high and you’re already using or heading down that path it might be a lot harder for you not to drink or use.

Residential Rehab vs. Dorm Living

Residential rehab and dorm living are similar in that men and women are both housed together (or separate) on a campus where they are going to achieve a common goal. The common goal at residential rehab is to recover from drug addiction and the common goal at college is to graduate from the university with a degree. Both groups are expected to follow the rules of living there which both include drug-free policies. If these policies are broken in either residential rehab or dorm living then the person will be evicted. In residential rehab a relapse within a community of clients is a big deal. One person’s relapse can cause a ripple effect of relapses and put people’s lives at risk. In a dorm on a college campus the community is not concentrated on the one goal of getting and living sober so the impact on others might not be so severe. This might not be the case on sober campuses which at the moment are far and few in between.

Learning About Addiction at Residential Rehab

Perhaps the one thing that can be compared in a like manner between residential rehab and college life is the learning aspect. Residential rehab clients will go to “school” or the facility everyday to learn about addiction. They will sit in on classes about addiction and how it impacts the body and our emotions and hence our actions. Addiction is a mix of a chemical imbalance in the brain and behavioral problems. There’s much to be learned about it and at residential rehab you will learn why your addiction has impacted you the way it has and how you can cope and recover from it. You will also go to groups, be able to socialize and exercise with other clients and build lasting friendships. Once you’re done with your stay at rehab you will be considered an alumni, very much like how universities have alumnus.

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