drug rehabInpatient drug rehab is the second step in drug rehab following medically monitored detox. Inpatient drug rehab is one of the most important aspects of recovery. During inpatient drug rehab, clients stay on campus and are held to a daily routine including therapy, both individual and group, as well as other important activities involved in recovery. Going to an inpatient drug rehab is an excellent way for clients to get a break from their everyday life and focus 100% of their energy on recovery. In inpatient drug rehab, clients are surrounded by peers all working towards the same goal. The 24-hour support received at inpatient drug rehab lets clients feel safe and comfortable while they work towards recovery.

There are many different inpatient drug rehab programs available. One important specialized program is gender specific treatment. More and more inpatient drug rehabs are offering gender specific treatment because it has many benefits for clients in recovery. In gender specific treatment, clients are housed separately depending on their gender. Their therapy sessions, meals, recreation time, etc. are all done separately.  One reason gender specific treatment is important is to keep distractions such as relationships at bay. The other reason is that drug addiction and the issues surrounding drug addiction differ for males and females. Being able to address these issues specifically is important and much more effective.

Dual diagnosis is another important specialized program for clients who are suffering from co-occurring mental health disorders. Co-occurring mental health disorders can include anxiety, depression, a personality disorder, an eating disorder and more. When a co-occurring disorder goes untreated the risk of relapse is greatly increased. Often times mental health disorders are at the core of drug abuse and drug addiction and inpatient drug rehabs that offer dual diagnosis are extremely important for those clients suffering from a co-occurring mental health disorder.

Other programs that some inpatient drug rehab programs offer are treatment programs based on the 12-step program, holistic treatment programs, professionals programs and family programs.  Some inpatient drug rehabs last 28-days, while other more comprehensive inpatient drug rehab programs that may last 90 days or more. With so many options available, finding an inpatient drug rehab that will help you or your loved one is easier than ever.

At the Florida House Experience, our inpatient drug rehab has helped countless individuals struggling with drug addiction. We provide gender specific treatment that is comprehensive and long-term. Some of the specialized programs offered at our inpatient drug rehab include dual diagnosis, holistic options, gender specific treatment, a professionals program and a family outreach program. If you or a loved one is considering going to an inpatient drug rehab, please call us now at 866-421-6242. Our admissions staff is available 24-hours a day to speak to you regarding our inpatient drug rehab and any questions or concerns you may have. Inpatient drug rehab can save your life, or the life of a loved one. Please call us now for more information on our inpatient drug rehab and how it can help you.

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