Indiana Doctor Shot After Refusing to Prescribe Opioids

Indiana Doctor Shot After Refusing to Prescribe Opioids

Drug addiction, particularly involving the use and abuse of opioids, has become a rapidly increasing epidemic throughout the United States—drug overdose deaths have increased by over 500 percent since the year 2000. Currently, Indiana ranks 15th in the nation for drug-related overdose fatalities. Governor Eric Holcomb wants to make a change, which was announced on Wednesday.

In efforts to better treat the drug abuse epidemic, five new opioid treatment programs will open around the state of Indiana. Additionally, Indiana Medicaid will begin covering opioid treatment programs beginning August 1. Health officials also say that methadone maintenance treatment options will be another option for physicians who are actively trying to help those struggling with drug addiction.

According to Holcomb, the new programs are incredibly important. “The darkness that has come into [Scott County] is a learning process for all of us,” said recovering alcoholic and opioid addict Gregory Dodds. He continued to explain that it was the right decision for the government got involved in 2015. “It takes a whole array of different things from medications, to 12-step programs, to sometimes therapists, church.” The more treatment available for fighting back against the drug abuse epidemic, the better.

““When the feds started coming in and they started setting up programs, I realized that perhaps this is how it’s going to work,” he continued. “This community can heal. Politics and the legislature are starting to reach out to addicts, tells me that they’re really starting to realize that this is a huge problem.”

According to Ron O’Brien, prosecuting attorney of Franklin County, Ohio, “you can take as many precautions as you want, but it’s still very dangerous stuff.”

Drug abuse treatment is available. Don’t wait any longer to ask for help.

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