“I Feel Like My Xanax is Doing More Harm Than Good”

The title here is a statement recently posted to a Facebook group. The current state of the opioid crisis shows that the original poster is far from the only person experiencing this problem.


Different Bodies, Different Minds

Before we continue, let’s jump to the most important part first. If you are on a medication that you feel isn’t working, you need to communicate this with your doctor. When your doctor is adequately informed about what you are experiencing as well as your personal and family history, they can best help you. Most of us aren’t doctors, so we aren’t educated enough to know when something is working or not. Meanwhile, your doctor doesn’t have access to your feelings, so it is critical that you feel safe to communicate them openly with your doctor.


Building Dependence

Xanax, along with other painkillers, is designed for short-term use. This can present a major problem with chronic pain. Our bodies build up a dependence on the drug so that it takes more and more of it to deliver the same effect. Before too long, we aren’t just experiencing the original pain but also the side effects from the drug.

One clue that you may have become addicted to Xanax are constantly thinking about your next dose. Another is that withdrawal symptoms set in if you haven’t taken it. For Xanax, withdrawal may set in as early as 12 hours since the last dose. Symptoms include anxiety and nausea, and on the extreme end hallucinations, insomnia, and tremors.

If you are experiencing Xanax withdrawal in Florida, it is best to go through this with the help of trained medical professionals. They can help you manage your detox symptoms and, critically, find a new solution to manage the original pain. Xanax detox in Florida, New Jersey, or any other state is within your grasp.


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