How to Balance Work and Family Obligations with Treatment

If you’re thinking about seeking addiction help at our drug rehab centers in South Florida, you’re probably worried about how you’ll manage to stay on top of all your other responsibilities. Obviously, your recovery should be a priority – but if you have a job, a family, bills to pay and people depending on you, it can be tough to see how you’re going to put all of that on the back burner long enough to spend four weeks or more in our drug rehab centers in South Florida.

Who Will Take Care of the Kids While You’re at Drug Rehab Centers in South Florida?

If you’re a single parent, finding someone to take care of your kids while you’re attending one of our drug rehab centers in South Florida is probably the foremost thing on your mind. Even if you have a spouse or partner, he or she may not be able to take time off work to care for the kids.

What’s a mother or father to do? You can’t exactly take the kiddies to rehab with you. Many parents ask friends or relatives to help with the kids while they go to rehab. While you might think it’s asking too much of those who love you, in fact, they’re probably just grateful that you’re finally getting the help you need.

Getting Time Off from Work

Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, you may be allowed to take up to 12 weeks of time off to seek treatment for your substance abuse disorder. You won’t be paid for the time, but you’ll be able to keep your health insurance and you’ll have a job to come back to when you leave our drug rehab centers in South Florida.

You should be aware that not all companies are required to offer leave under the FMLA, so talk to your manager or human resources person about it. If you want to take FMLA leave for substance abuse treatment, you need to tell your employer why you need the leave – citing “personal reasons” won’t get you the protections offered by the law. But if your company is one of those that isn’t obligated to comply with FMLA, you can tell your boss you want to take the leave for personal reasons – just be aware that he or she will probably be more receptive to granting you a leave of absence if he or she knows that you’re going to rehab. Your boss is no doubt aware that you have issues with substance abuse, and he or she is aware that getting help will make you a better employee. Besides, it’s in your boss’s best interests for you to get help and return to your position – it’s cheaper for the company to muddle along without you for a few weeks than find, hire and train a replacement.

Paying the Bills

The bills won’t stop coming in just because you’ve entered one of our drug rehab centers in South Florida. It doesn’t help that you’ll also have to find a way to pay for the addiction treatment itself.

Ask your employer if you can use sick time or vacation pay to cover some or all of the time you’ll miss while you’re in rehab. Find out if your employer has any other benefits you can take advantage of, such as short-term disability.

Before you decide to enter one of our drug rehab centers in South Florida, make sure you’re clear on what your health insurance will cover. Discuss the matter with a representative of your insurance provider. If you’re worried about covering rehab, our facility can help with payment options and financing.

Find Help for Aging Parents

If you’re like many people, you’re taking care of aging parents or grandparents in addition to your other responsibilities. If you have an elderly family member in your home or an independent senior in your life depends on you for things like transportation, check with your friends, other relatives and neighbors to see who might be able to help. You should also call your local office on aging to find out what resources might be available to provide care for your elderly relative while you are gone.

Our drug rehab centers in South Florida can help you overcome addiction, but taking the time away from your responsibilities can take some planning. If you need further advice, call 844-299-0618 to speak with our admissions counselors today.

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