How Prescription Opioids Became an Epidemic

For anyone who pays any kind of attention to the news these days (even if that news just comes from social media sites), you have more than likely noticed that there has been an ongoing conversation lately about an “Opioid Crisis”. Considering the fact that you are looking at this page, you yourself are likely experiencing an addiction to opioids or you at least know someone who you want to get opioid addiction treatment. However, even with that being the case, it can feel like the “Opioid Crisis” is just yet another overblown attempt by the new media to get better ratings.

The thing is, though, that there really is an epidemic of unprecedented proportions when it comes to opioids in the United States. That being said, today we will be discussing the origins of the country’s opioid problem and how it turned into a real epidemic in Florida and the rest of the country.


Who to Blame?

While it would be incredibly easy to point a finger at your or a loved one’s doctor and place the blame of the addiction on them, there is a much larger entity that really should be taking all the blame when it comes to the opioid crisis – pharmaceutical companies.

Much of the problem starts with the fact that pharmaceutical companies are more interested in boosting their profit margins over actually treating people for the root of their ailments. Because of that, they end up creating medicines that only treat symptoms of illnesses and conditions rather than making pharmaceutical products that actually solve the core problems.


Big Pharma Lied to Doctors

Still, opioids took this to an extreme level thanks to the lies told to our doctors by pharmaceutical companies. What happened as far as opioids were concerned was that manufacturers directly told doctors that their products were not addictive whatsoever. Somehow, this massive lie also made its way past the Food and Drug Administration, which made doctors really think they finally had a perfect painkiller. One that would truly relieve pain while not being addictive.

Sadly, the rest of the story is relatively easy to fill in from that point. To break it down in its simplest terms, doctors then over prescribed opioids, which in turn led many Americans to become severely addicted thinking that doctors were infallible. People experienced opioid withdrawals when trying to detox on their own, so they just turned right back to their painkillers. Many of those people didn’t even realize it was an addiction, they just believed they were still in pain.


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