Governor Christie Focuses on Opioid Crisis As Term Ends

Chris Christie

Governor takes the lead in addressing NJ opioid crisis

During his final year in office, NJ Governor Chris Christie spent a great deal of time and budget to address the state’s ongoing opioid crisis.

As reported by NJ Spotlight, Christie has invested heavily in addressing addiction in recent months, reallocating some $200 million in unused or “lapsed” funds to expand treatment capacity and support services; this has included some $42.6 million for an advertising campaign designed to underscore the dangers of addiction and connect people with help through the ReachNJ program.

“Combating opioid addiction has been an important initiative of my Administration,” Christie wrote in a statement that accompanied legislation (S-294) that requires emergency personnel or healthcare organizations to provide those who overdose with details about Reach NJ and other sources of help.

“These individuals must be informed of the resources available to them to help fight their addiction and combat the epidemic facing this nation.”

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To read more about Chris Christie’s efforts in New Jersey to address the opioid crisis, please visit NJ Spotlight.

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