Heart Infection on the Rise Due to Rising Drug Addiction Rates

Heart Infection on the Rise Due to Rising Drug Addiction Rates

ABC News WFAA examines a new heart infection that is on the rise due to opiate addiction. Within the segment, a mother shares the story of her son who struggled with meth and Xanax for years. Eventually, that struggle would overtake Jeremy’s frail body.

Every time an individual injects themselves with a needle, the bacteria on the skin follows the puncture wound into the bloodstream. That small amount of bacteria can grow within the heart valves and can lead to serious complications, and if left untreated, potentially death.

Injected drug usage has caused a surge in endocarditis patients – a condition that caused a deterioration of the heart. Jeremy’s life was ultimately compromised by this condition, after numerous attempts to save his life.

Researchers from Tufts University report 3,578 endocarditis cases in 2000 — and 8,530 by 2016, according to WFAA.

As the opioid epidemic grows across the country, more people become at risk for endocarditis. Between 2016 and 2015, drug deaths rose 19% and approximately 59,000-65,000 people perished. With newer, more potent substances hitting the drug market, it’s more important than ever for parents to take an active role in keeping kids safe from substance abuse

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Read the full story at WFAA.com.

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