Four Myths About Teen Drug Use Busted by Our Drug Rehab Specialists

Every parent worries that his or her children will become hooked on drugs. While many young people never become addicts, and many more never experiment with drugs at all, it’s a fact that some teenagers will fall victim to drug addiction. Some kids get addicted to drugs and alcohol before they even get through puberty. Knowing the truth about some common teen drug abuse myths can help you keep your eyes peeled for the signs of addiction in your son or daughter, so you can get your child into an alcohol or drug rehab before it’s too late. Let’s take a look at the truth surrounding some of the common myths about teen drug use.

Kids Use Drugs to Cope With Problems at Home

According to conventional wisdom, kids who end up in drug rehab are kids who have struggled with problems at home, problems at school, emotional problems or mental illness. While it’s true that some kids who become addicted to drugs initially abuse them in order to cope with the stress of emotional or mental problems, or problems at home or school, this is far from the case for every teen that develops a substance abuse disorder.

Drug rehab experts do not yet fully understand all of the causes of addiction. People of all ages may abuse drugs or alcohol in order to cope with negative feelings or difficult situations; a person who relies too heavily on substances in order to cope with life’s normal stresses will inevitably develop an addiction. However, some people appear to be naturally prone to addiction. These people try drugs or alcohol once and the next thing you know, they are unrecognizable.

A significant percentage of kids who develop substance abuse issues initially started drinking and drugging to fit in with their friends or to have a good time. Smart, happy kids from good, loving families – kids with great academic records and bright futures – are no less vulnerable to drug and alcohol addiction then so-called “at risk” kids. A lot has to do with who your kid is hanging out with – if your kid’s friends are doing drugs, your kid is doing drugs.

Kids Get Drugs from Creepy Strangers

The myth of the creepy, “bad guy” drug dealer is one of the most damaging for young people who wind up in drug rehab. A drug dealer needn’t necessarily be a criminal from the inner-city or a “bad seed” at school. Normal, seemingly well-adjusted and functioning kids at your child’s school could be dealing drugs. Your kid could get drugs from a neighbor, a family friend or even a member of your family. Lots of people use drugs, and lots of people sell drugs, and you can’t always pick them out of a crowd based on what they look like, or what kind of life they appear to lead.

This myth is especially damaging because it prevents kids from escaping temptation once they leave drug rehab and come home. When parents assume that their children have been scoring drugs from menacing, obvious criminal types, they’re less able to prevent their children from scoring drugs again once in recovery.

Kids Know That Drugs Are Dangerous and Get Them in Drug Rehab

With all the drug abuse education we have in schools these days, many parents erroneously assume that their kids know how dangerous drugs are and will be smart enough not to take them. In fact, kids don’t really understand how dangerous drugs are. They know that many of the warnings they hear about the dangers of drug use and drug addiction are somewhat exaggerated, and as a result, they don’t trust them.

Add to that the fact that most young people don’t have a grasp of their own mortality, and you’ll understand why smart, happy kids from good homes wind up in drug rehab. It’s important to talk to your kids about the dangers of drug use and drug addiction, but it’s equally important to be honest and realistic.

You Would Know If Your Kid Was Doing Drugs

Sadly, many parents don’t realize that their kids are doing drugs until it’s too late. If there’s one thing teenagers are good at, it’s hiding things from their parents. Many kids get away with using drugs right under their parents’ noses for years, and their parents never suspect a thing until the kids get arrested, end up in drug rehab as adults, or die of a drug overdose. Know the signs of teen drug use and be ready to act if you think your child is abusing drugs.

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