Childhood Trauma Care At An Addiction Treatment Center

Trauma In Childhood May Increase Risk of Addiction

addiction treatment centerAn addiction treatment center provides drug and alcohol treatment for anyone in need. Addicts who’ve experienced childhood traumas and go to an addiction treatment center for care will also receive treatment for the symptoms that have risen from those traumas. “Previous research has shown that personality traits such as impulsivity or compulsiveness are indicators of an increased risk of addiction. Now, new research from the University of Cambridge suggests that these impulsive and compulsive personality traits are also associated with a traumatic upbringing during childhood. The study was published August 31, in the journal American Journal Psychiatry”.

 Statistics On Trauma & Addiction At Addiction Treatment Center

The statistics on trauma and addiction for men and women consistently show that it dramatically influences their drug use. Addiction treatment center now embed childhood trauma counseling into treatment plans. Men and women can both experience emotional, physical, sexual and psychological traumas as children that leave them damaged and seeking coping behaviors. The inter-relationships of trauma/violence, mental illness and substance use in women have been described by researchers as “profound” and “staggering”. As many as 2/3 of women with substance use problems report a concurrent mental health problem (e.g. PTSD, anxiety, depression) and they also commonly report surviving physical and sexual abuse either as children or adults. A Washington DC study showed that over 70% of women with mental disorders have co-occurring substance use problems and virtually all women with co-occurring disorders have a history of trauma.  Men also experience trauma in their childhood but the male gender role in our society does not “allow” for boys and men to talk about such things. Many men in recovery will never disclose to their counselors or therapist past sexual abuse if it occurred because men are not supposed to speak on such things. This is a horrible truth of the male experience in America and around the world. This reality has caused treatment addiction center to implement therapy for childhood trauma and their common symptoms.

Oprah used her position to open up that discussion when she help aired an episode on her show where she spoke with men who’d experienced abuse. Abuse in boys and men is strongly linked to addiction and addiction treatment center now openly talk about it and offer treatment for those who’ve experienced such trauma. There are men who suffer from PTSD that can stem from childhood traumas or even active military service. Men are reporting being sexually assault by other active service members. Childhood trauma and traumas in general can create anxiety, and mental illness in these people and their enrollment in an addiction treatment center will help them recover one day at a time.

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