Be Kind To Yourself: Anxiety Management After Medical Detox and Drug Rehab  Pt 5

In this blog series we present you with different ways to cope with anxiety after alcohol detox and addiction recovery treatment.

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Anxiety relief is almost impossible (I’m not convinced it is possible at all without this tip) if you don’t hold to this strategy. Always remember to use be kind to yourself. The thing is, even if you are working your heart out regularly, you are going to make mistakes. People who have never had to go to rehab, people who seem like their lives are perfect still make mistakes. You know what the difference between us and them is? They are adept at being kind to themselves even when they make a mistake.


Be Kind

Maybe you already know that you’re kind of hard on yourself. Maybe rehab gave you that insight. Addiction is often fueled by shame or painful feelings. With shame people have a tendency to think the worst of themselves. They feel so much humiliation just for being who they are.

An easy trick to figure out how hard you need to be on yourself (here’s a hint, it’s probably way less critical) is to ask yourself what you would say to a dear friend if they had done the same thing wrong. Would you love them anyway? Would you treat them with compassion and offer them grace?


I’m betting you would.


Know Yourself

Knowing yourself is the key to successful sober living. And the better you know yourself, I’m betting you’ll also get to a place where you can think of yourself more like an intimate friend than someone you always have to be at odds with.

You just went through a medically supervised alcohol detox recovery treatment or spent time in a long term drug rehab center, right? Give yourself a well break. Let yourself off the hook a little bit as far as perfection goes, okay?  Pat yourself on the back when you succeed and let yourself fail sometimes. The most important thing is to give yourself enough grace and care that instead of making a mistake and giving yourself the permission to pick up a syringe or a drink, you offer yourself something more sustainable—you learn from your mistake and you give yourself a little extra self care.


If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction in the Florida area, it’s time to seek out help for drug abuse and alcohol addiction. Through our replacement therapy or whatever the is the best drug rehab for you, you can work through your trauma and addiction and you can come out the other side ready to do the hard work of a successful and sober life.

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