How to Tell Your Friends about Rehab

When preparing to enter rehab, people often experience a shame that leads them to distance their friends and family just at the time when they need their support the most. It is a difficult choice to make and follow through on – don’t make it harder than it needs to be by removing support structures from your life. Your friends and family can be excellent resources, but only if you let them. Here are some tips to help you talk to the people in your life about drug and alcohol rehab. 


Total honesty – if you feel comfortable, the scariest thing can often be the best. Telling those who care for you about your struggles and the way you plan to seek help, let’s them know that you need their support too.


Communicating goals – As for the friends you have that shared in your addiction, let them know that you need some distance from that substance and so you will be out of touch for a bit. This is a hard conversation, and one that is often best had over the phone when you’re in a place of support. They might feel judged or hurt at first, but if they love you they’ll understand.


Protect yourself – If there’s someone in your life you don’t feel comfortable telling about your rehab plan, you might still consider telling them that you’ll be away for a while with a medical or personal issue. If they press you for details, be upfront about not feeling comfortable revealing the nature of the issue. You have an absolute right to privacy.


Select a point person – When talking to friends and family make sure to establish a point of contact during this time: someone who can carry messages or give updates as appropriate. It will make your life much simpler if all communication can flow through a single source.

Again, your friends and family are the best allies you have in the process of pushing drugs or alcohol out of your life. Make sure to communicate your needs in a clear and respectful manner and you might be surprised by how invested your community is in your well being.


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