Are there Rehab Centers for Women?

Women are the backbone of families and when they suffer from substance abuse, the whole family suffers greatly.

Safe and Discrete

Yes, there are rehab centers that focus specifically on the care and treatment of women. The reasons that most centers give for having women-only drug/alcohol treatment facilities is the realization that this group needs secure, safe and discrete care. They point out that women may be more sensitive and have a greater burden, particularly those with children and with substance abuse and resulting breakdown of relationships, they may end up bearing a big load on their shoulders.These kinds of centers specialize in getting women to be free from this burden of addiction and to heal from any trauma and pain that they have.

The women undergo specialized therapy, using clinical methodologies that will help them pursue meaningful lives and have lasting wellness.

Access to Their Inner Voice

Women in such programs are encouraged to speak out their fears and that their internal voice deserves and needs to be heard. Integrated approaches to treatment help women access that inner voice and better themselves.

Rejoining their families and repairing relationships is a primary goal. Getting onto the road to recovery and reducing any chance of relapse though holistic approaches of therapy is also a major goal.

Female-only treatment is usually designed to get them on the track emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Gender specific facilities use treatment programs that realize the unique challenges that are suffered. Women have unique challenges when suffering from addiction and this are addressed at the treatment programs designed for them.

Eating Disorders

Women’s addiction, as well as their health is a point of focus. Studies have found that in dual diagnosis programs, those who are suffering from eating disorders are mostly women. When properly treated in women-only rehabilitation centers they have an opportunity to reshape their lives and have a positive impact on their families and also be an encouragement and influence on other women going through the same substance addiction and emotional trauma. Once the women leave the program they will be in a position to give other women who are undergoing the same trauma as they had. They will be able to encourage others and direct them to the best of women rehab centers.

Special Groups

For the women-only rehabs, they give priority to pregnant women and those who have young children. Some of the women who seek addiction treatment may be facing other challenges such as incarceration, welfare, child custody issues or other issues to do with their immigration status.

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