Addiction Intervention

Addiction intervention is a delicate process. It is not an easy thing for the individual to face, or the family and loved ones participating in the addiction intervention. Although difficult, when successful addiction interventions can be the start of the recovery process for many individuals.

An addiction intervention is most often arranged by both family members and close loved ones of the addict, as well as an addiction intervention professional. The end goal of an addiction intervention is to get the addict to accept professional help for their substance abuse. The process takes careful planning and research to ensure the family is ready and prepared for any outcome.

The people involved in the addiction intervention are going to have a direct effect on the outcome. Deciding who will be present is an important step. The individuals who will participate in the addiction intervention should all be significant to the addict. They should all be people who have been affected by the addict’s behavior and who feel comfortable expressing this to the addict. The group should generally be 6-8 people including the addiction intervention professional. Choosing the right addiction intervention professional is important as they will be helping during the planning stages as well as guiding the conversation and keeping everyone on topic and involved during the addiction intervention.

Before the addiction intervention takes place, a treatment center should be lined up and ready to welcome the individual if he or she accepts help. It is important to have the treatment center ready so that the transition to treatment is quick and immediate. Travel arrangements should also be made if possible.

Everyone who will be participating in the addiction intervention will need to be prepared to speak to the addict. Many times people have a hard time finding ways to express their feelings and how the addict’s behavior has affected them in a constructive manner. Having everyone write a personal letter to the addict beforehand can be helpful, especially in the heat of the moment when things can get stressful. The letter can be read aloud and should express the each individual’s love and support for the addict, their concern for them, how their behavior has affected them individually and offer treatment. Hopefully, they will accept treatment in the end. However, everyone should also be ready to expressly list the consequences the addict will face if they refuse treatment and be willing to stick by these consequences.

Addiction interventions are difficult for everyone involved. At FHE Health we offer a personalized intervention experience that will prepare you to address your loved ones addiction. When done correctly, interventions can be extremely successful in getting addicts into treatment. If you feel your loved one is struggling with addiction, please call us now. Our admission staff is available 24-hours a day to discuss your situation and how we can help. Please call us now at (844) 299-0618 or email us for more information on planning and executing an addiction intervention.

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