9 Signs Inpatient Drug Treatment Might Be for You

It’s hard enough to admit that you need treatment for a drug problem, without having to also decide between inpatient and outpatient treatment. Fortunately, there are enough differences between the two sorts of programs that it’s often pretty clear which one is best suited for your needs. If you fit some or all of these ten criteria, you might need inpatient drug treatment.

1) If You Need to Take Willpower Out of the Equation, You Need Inpatient Drug Treatment

If you know that you won’t have the willpower to quit using drugs or alcohol without supervision, then you need inpatient drug treatment. Inpatient drug treatment removes all temptation, since it requires you to live in a residential facility where you can’t get any drugs.

2) If You Need Medical Support, You Need Inpatient Drug Treatment

How do you know if you need medical support? Well, if you’re detoxing from pretty much anything except opiates or marijuana, you’ll need medical supervision during your detox period. If you have a medical condition or are pregnant, or you’re taking any prescribed medications that you can’t stop taking, you need medical support. Even if you just enter inpatient drug treatment long enough to detox, it will be safer than trying to detox at home.

3) If You Need Structure, You Need Inpatient Drug Treatment

One of the biggest advantages of inpatient drug treatment for many recovering addicts is the strict schedule you’re forced to follow while you’re enrolled. It might seem like a pain in the rear, but that strict schedule serves a purpose – it keeps your mind off of drugs. It also helps you re-establish a normal routine so that you’re not completely lost when you leave inpatient drug treatment. Unless you already have a busy work or school schedule, then you probably need the structure provided by inpatient drug treatment to help get your bearings.

4) If You Need Psychological Support, You Need Inpatient Drug Treatment

No matter what the specifics of your situation, you probably need psychological support, but you definitely need it if you have struggled with mental illness at all in the past. The mental effects of withdrawal can lead you to do some pretty stupid and self-destructive things. Supervision and counseling will give you the emotional and psychological support you need at this crucial juncture.

5) If You Need to Get Away from Bad Influences, You Need Inpatient Drug Treatment

Almost every addict needs to get away from his or her old drugging friends before he or she can truly recover. When you enter inpatient drug treatment you won’t be able to contact these people, and they won’t be able to contact you – to talk you into leaving, for example, or to smuggle in drugs for you.

6) If You Need to Focus on Your Recovery, You Need Inpatient Drug Treatment

Going to an outpatient drug treatment program might seem like the easier path, but not if it means stressing yourself out during a time when you’re supposed to be getting better. Inpatient drug treatment lets you focus on nothing but your recovery, so you can do it right.

7) If You Need Nutrition Therapy, You Need Inpatient Drug Treatment

Unless your addiction history has been very short, you probably need nutrition therapy to help your body recover from hardcore drug use. You’ll receive balanced meals and snacks regularly in inpatient drug treatment, as well as supplements.

8) If You Want to Explore Alternative Therapy, You Need Inpatient Drug Treatment

While it’s true that many outpatient programs offer alternative therapies, inpatient drug treatment programs often fill up gaps in your schedule with meditation, acupuncture, yoga, exercise, massage and other treatments that both relieve stress and teach you skills you can use to cope with stress and cravings in the future.

9) If You Need Social Support, You Need Inpatient Drug Treatment

When you enter an inpatient drug treatment program, you’ll have the chance to hone your social skills as you interact with the other enrollees. You’ll share a sense of camaraderie that can be a source of valuable social support. You might even make long-lasting friendships.

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