Step-by-Step: A Practical Guide for Getting Treatment

The step by step guide to getting treatment

Entering drug and alcohol treatment provides a turning point for many. If you’ve decided you’re ready to explore your options, FHE Health offers the tools and resources to help you. A careful plan can help you manage each area of your life and prepare for recovery. This guide aims to give you a step-by-step process for entering rehab.

How to Make the Decision to Seek Treatment

#1 Commit - Step by StepNational Survey on Drug Use and Health from 2015 indicated 8.1 percent of the population or 21.7 million people over the age of 12 needed substance abuse treatment. However, only 2.3 million people received that treatment in a licensed facility. Making the decision to get help is life-changing.

It begins with seeking help for addiction from a licensed location like FHE Health. Your primary initial goal is to learn about the treatment options available and determine which one may fit your needs. Your counselors can offer more guidance on this once you arrive, too.

Financials: How Can You Afford Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Step by Step - Practical guide to getting coveragePaying for drug and alcohol treatment is a concern many people have. However, there are several support options for you. Work through this process to get the support you need.

Verifying Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Contact your health insurance provider to verify coverage for drug and alcohol addiction. Most health insurance companies offer coverage for detox and both inpatient and outpatient care. You can also allow the admissions team to verify this information for you. It takes just minutes, and the insurance company must keep your inquiry confidential.

Getting Your Employer to Pay for Your Care

Many employers offer financial support to valuable employees who enter treatment. Before you enroll, ask your employer’s human resource office about this coverage. Again, they are legally bound to keep your information and inquiries private. This can give you insight into any program support available to you without risk.

Public Options for Addiction Treatment

Public options for addiction treatment are available. Your local city government and court system, as well as local treatment homes, may offer some insight. Learn as much as you can about no cost rehab before you enroll.

Seeking Self-Pay Options

If none of these choices is available to you, consider self-pay. You can learn more about the financial options available to you from our team.

How to Manage Employment Before Enrolling in Treatment

The practical steps to getting treatment - Notify EmployersBefore you can enroll, you may need to speak to your employer about what’s happening. Your first step should be to ask for the Family Medical Leave Act to be applied. This is a federal, legally bound process that requires your employer to preserve your position for up to 12 weeks while you seek medical care for yourself.

Once you ask for this protection, the employer cannot terminate you for taking time off to seek help. You may need to fill out the documentation for this. Some restrictions apply, including having worked for the company for a certain amount of time. This law does not guarantee to pay for you during this time, but it does protect your health care and other benefits while you are away.

When you complete rehab and return to work, your employer cannot discriminate against you. Those who have a drug or alcohol addiction that’s under control cannot be discriminated against in maintaining employment as long as you perform your work as required. Many people find being upfront with their employer opens the door for support and encouragement.

How to Talk to Loved Ones About Your Decision to Enroll

You expect your loved ones to support your decision, but that’s not always what happens. You may have doubts about entering treatment because of this, but don’t let it hold you back if you need help.

During your treatment, you will learn strategies for rebuilding and letting go of relationships. Many times, what happens prior to enrollment can define your success later. For this reason, simply explain to your loved ones why you need help, where you are going and what they can expect.

Tips for Addressing Addiction with Loved Ones

Consider these tips for telling your family and friends about your plans:

  • Tell the backstory. Share information about what’s happening and for how long. Discuss what you’ve done to try to stop on your own.
  • Talk about your goals briefly. Do you want to be a better mother, father or spouse? Do you hope to rebuild your relationships? This helps loved ones know the “why” of your decision.
  • Discuss your plan. What steps have you taken to ensure your child, spouse, and job are taken care of when you are not there?

Be as open as you can, but know your limits. Most people who have an addiction need help from a licensed and certified organization to stop the ongoing problem.

Don’t feel bad about needing to seek care. See addiction as any other health condition or disease that needs the care to improve. Finally, don’t feel overwhelmed or hurt if your family or friends cannot see the benefit of enrollment.

What to Expect When You Arrive

Seeking treatment - Step 4 - Pre-arrival

When you arrive at FHE Health for treatment, you will meet with your counselor right away. He or she will help you understand every step of the process and learn more about the care we can provide to you, such as detox and medical care for initial enrollment. Then, you will have a full evaluation and a treatment plan customized for you.

You can bring comfort items with you, but you don’t have to bring anything. Your loved ones can drop you off, or you can arrive alone. The key is making it to this first step.

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