You Are As Sober As You Are At Home by Marion Weston

I have been sober for over 23 years and one thing I have been known for is the quote: “You are as sober as you are at home”. This is something I try to live by. How am I treating the ones I live with, practicing all the principles of an honest, sober life at home, when the rest of the world isn’t looking?

It’s one thing to go to meetings, be of service at a meeting, or home group, but quite another thing, to go home , work ,the grocery store, etc.,  and everything in my actions change. As supervisor of FHE Healths Sober Living Program for Women, I have seen many miracles since we opened our doors in November 2012.These women come in, work the twelve steps, are emerged in   the spiritual principles of our program, and their lives are changing! They learn to live together, honestly, and openly, and as Peter Marinelli , the Director of our Sober Living Program says “knowing they are known by their Creator”.

We are able, by the great grace of God, to send them “home”, wherever that may be, to spouses, parents, to their children, with a whole new design for living. If you, or any women you know is struggling with the disease of alcoholism or addiction, we welcome you to join us, “As we trudge the road to happy destiny”.

Turning Scars  Into Stars

Marion Weston

Supervisor, Florida House Sober Living Program For Women

Sober Living Womens Director







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