York County, PA Slammed With 13 Overdose Deaths In 10 Days

Overdose Deaths Slam Central Pennsylvania

Fentanyl is suspected in a surge of overdose deaths in York County, PA where the coroner released details surrounding thirteen deaths in just ten days.

As reported by ABC27 News, thirteen people in York County have died from suspected heroin and fentanyl overdoses in just 10 days, Coroner Pam Gay said.

Gay said heroin and fentanyl death numbers this high are extremely rare.

“We have had two days where we have had three in each 24-hour period,” Gay said. “That’s six overdose deaths in two days.”

Gay believes this batch of drugs may be especially potent. She also says there’s no such thing as a “bad batch.”

“Any amount is enough to kill somebody, any amount of heroin and fentanyl,” she said. “There’s no such thing as a good or bad batch. It’s all bad. We want people to understand that probably fentanyl is in this mix, which is what’s causing the deaths.”

“Definitely stay close to your loved one,” Gay said. “If you know that they’re a user and they’re trying to get sober or they’re in recovery, that’s when they’re very vulnerable. Stay close to them. Know what they’re doing.”

“Our hope would be that we would have less deaths this year. To be realistic, we’ve kind of suspected for a few years our deaths are going to continue to probably continue to be high volume.”

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To read more about how York County, PA is reeling from a surge in opioid overdose deaths, please visit ABC27 News.

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