XXXTentacion Killed, Suspect Has Numerous Parole, Gun and Drug Offenses

Dedrick Williams is currently a person of interest in the shooting death of XXXTentacion, and apparently is loaded up to the teeth with prior investigations and convictions for gun and drug cases, including dealing drugs. XXXTentacion was a rapper with a loyal fanbase and an emotionally vulnerable and open rap style (marred by domestic abuse and violence), and was shot dead in broad daylight June 18.

According to Broward’s Sheriff’s detectives, Williams has nearly a dozen felony convictions. Though there are several recent criminal investigations where he was accused of things like illegal possession of firearms, intent to distribute flakka and other drugs, and other similar crimes, he was never fully prosecuted for these crimes. Williams is currently facing charges of first-degree murder.

It was just before 2 a.m. on a Sunday in May 2014 and Dedrick Williams was arguing with his then-girlfriend in the middle of a Fort Lauderdale street, police said. He pulled out a gun, pointed it at her head, and threatened to kill her, according to an arrest report.

Williams’ cousin urged him to back off and Williams ran off, throwing the gun into a yard.

Four years and one month later, according to Broward Sheriff’s detectives, Williams would be the getaway driver in the shocking, broad-daylight shooting death of XXXTentacion, the 20-year-old rapper, and singer who was one of the biggest hip-hop artists to ever emerge from Broward County.

The charges in Williams’ 2014 case involving the gun threat against the girlfriend were ultimately dropped, while Williams also faced other charges and arrests in the years before his alleged involvement in the XXXTentacion killing. Click Here to Continue Reading

This story isn’t the norm when it comes to drug use, but it is something that is absolutely a possibility for those who are in that world. Contact us to get clean and help ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

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