What’s Your Problem! by Peter Marinelli

So often I speak with new folks who those who have been in multiple treatment centers about what they think they suffer from and sadly many have no idea.

It seems the most informative answer they can offer is they can’t stop once they start. That’s all they know, but they don’t know why this is and worse why they return back to the drink or drug or whatever other destructive behavior (sex, food, gambling) that they are addicted to.

How can they expect to get better, how can they expect to work on a solution if they don’t know what the problem is?

Why is this I have wondered?

Many of these suffering folks who have gone through several treatment centers can tell you about their childhood dysfunction and perhaps in detail about their personality traits and many can tell you more about the medication they are “required” to have, but little or nothing about the real problem and the solution.

It’s interesting when talking to someone like this and watching their reaction as they are informed of,  the three fold illness and the need for a vital spiritual awakening. Talking to them about the chronic thought disorder they suffer from, this obsession of the mind, with respect to alcohol, drugs etc. and that this same mind will always take them back regardless of how much they don’t want to return to the old behavior. Then we talk to them about the physical allergy, that once the body obeys they mind, as it always will, the body craves more and is never satisfied.

Further, the word choice must be removed from the lips of the newbie. I hear it all the time “my drug of choice is”. How much choice did you have, and if this so-called drug of choice wasn’t available are you telling me you would have stayed clean and sober that day?

The last thing the addicted mind needs to hear is – I have a choice!

Lastly and vitally important is this feeling of separation from God –the spiritual malady.

Once the addicted person has this vital spiritual awakening it is as if the mind is made new and the body is not taking in the substance so there no longer an allergy in full swing. The very same person, who seemed doomed, has now been transformed into a whole person, reborn of the spirit, pillars of their community, and leaders within the family unit.

The age of miracles, believe it or not is still with us.

I am grateful that at FHE Health Treatment Center clients are given the proper care in every way possible. Caring, passionate, informed professionals, helping the sick and suffering.


Peter Marinelli

Chop wood, carry water

 "Peter Marinelli Director of Sober Living "

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