Washington Teens Mix Drugs and End Up Overdosing

Washington’s Clark County Sheriff’s deputies were likely prepared for the worst when they found four teen boys overdosed on marijuana and Xanax June 29. The boys were passed out in a driveway, except one who apparently crawled to a neighboring yard, and another who was brought to the hospital by family. The four boys attend the same high school and knew each other. The sheriff’s office added that mixing drugs is extremely hazardous, even for legal drugs, and even people very familiar with Xanax addiction and other addictions to prescription drugs can die easily without a doctor of pharmacist’s experience. Hopefully, there won’t be any more near-fatal events like this in Clark County or anywhere else again.



Clark County Sheriff’s deputies say four teenage boys found unconscious Friday morning overdosed on a combination of marijuana and Xanax.

The teens have since been released from the hospital.

Two of the teens were found in a driveway Friday and another in a nearby yard. A fourth teen was brought to a hospital by his parent or guardian.

Deputies say all four are friends and attend Heritage High School. Click Here to Continue Reading


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