Three Ways to Stay Sober after Leaving Drug Detox

How can someone stay sober after leaving drug detox? This is an important question that one may face after leaving the detox program, but we hope the following tips will help you.

1. Take their advice

So, you went through the detox process and there were myriad suggestions given from day one. Many detox centers go beyond the normal detox work to offer counseling and therapy that is aimed at helping you to learn to understand your alcohol consumption. These professionals have treated many and have probably seen it all. Some have lived it and are recovering addicts too, so do not dismiss their wise words. They are from experience.

2. Get into long-term and follow-up programs

There is no ‘happily ever after’ in addiction and recovery. It is a process for life. Take the follow-up programs and treatment seriously and embrace them. If there’s an intensive outpatient program join it and get support from the fellowship. The long-term treatment options are very effective in helping you to stay sober. It works with high rates of success. Holistic rehabs and transitional living programs can be used to help one to learn of other alternative options and routines that one can take.

3. Develop positive self-talk and a recovery plan

Everyone has a list of things that they were interested in before they got addicted, but after addiction they lost interest. You could make a list of these things as long as they are positive to help you fill the void. Be positive and repeat the positive things about yourself each morning. Any triggers should be identified and avoided like the plague. Triggers may be people, events, emotions or dates. Know how you should act in a crisis beforehand, so that once it happens you may be well prepared. A recovery plan should also be in place that highlights why you want to stay sober and what you want to accomplish – like mending broken relationships or doing you job better. Therapy can help one to identify triggers, as well as help to get a recovery plan in place.

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