“This Drug May Kill You;” New Addiction Documentary Cuts Straight to the Truth

“This Drug May Kill You;” New Addiction Documentary Cuts Straight to the Truth

Drug overdoses have dramatically increased in recent years, with the number of overdoses doubling and opioid overdoses tripling. A new HBO documentary sheds light on the heart of the issue, “Warning” does just that — it catalogs everyday American’s struggles with addiction.

The documentary uncovers the reality behind the perils of opiates and addiction.”1 in 5 patients wind up stuck on painkillers after receiving a prescription.”

“It almost felt like I was the parent,” the son of a parent afflicted with addiction painfully explains. “I felt like it loved me — and I loved it back,” another afflicted woman laments.

These are very different families, but each person developed an addiction after receiving a prescription from a doctor. That sense false of trust is in part, what led them down the road toward substance abuse.

Tens of Thousands Die from Addiction Every Year; Greater than the Number who Die from Car Crashes

The stigma surrounding addiction prevents many individuals from getting the help they desperately need. All people have problems, but unfortunately, many times those with addiction do not receive sympathy and understanding from close friends or families. Parents may not understand why their children become addicted, or worse yet blame them during their time of need.

Ultimately, the more people who come forward to openly discuss their struggles, the more the stigma will be shattered, and the more people who won’t be afraid to say “I need help.”

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