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After leaving an FHE’s Florida alcohol detox and treatment center it’s important to share your addiction recovery story. One of the key tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 step recovery programs patterned after it is the importance of sharing one’s story. There is tremendous power in gathering together to hear and tell of the struggles that addicts face, and knowing that you are not alone in your recovery journey. You might consider taking this concept out of the context of a twelve-step meeting and integrating it more fully into your life by starting a blog.

Blog to Process Your Feelings and Unpack Your Story

A blog is a really just an online journal – a place where you can record your thoughts, your setbacks, and your triumphs. It allows you to go through the same mental unpacking process as sharing in a meeting, often producing insights that you might not have stumbled upon otherwise. To be clear, a blog does not replace having a fellowship – meeting with others face to face and having open discussion provides a vital support structure that a blog cannot replicate. But there are a few really positive outcomes from having a recovery blog:


  • You’ll have a record of your journey to review when you’re feeling discouraged
  • It provides a place to store your thoughts in between meetings
  • It can provide inspiration to others facing similar circumstances.


A Blog Provides Some Control Over How Your Story Is Told

A blog also lets you control the flow of information. You can keep it totally anonymous if you want so you don’t have any inhibitions about saying what you need to say. You could also not identify yourself on the blog but share its location with people you trust with your journey through substance abuse recovery, so that they can know what you’re going through without you having to talk it through in person. Or you might just embrace it and make it fully public and connected to you – there’s no shame in pursuing your recovery, quite the opposite. The important thing to remember regardless of how widely you share is that the primary audience is you.

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