The Mind and Despair by Peter Marinelli

Is it possible: Despair is extreme form of self? Where pride will not allow you to ask for help from someone or even God? Is it possible: that in this place of despair you can no longer see that God is with you? Is it possible: That in a place of humility you no longer experience despair, because in humility there is no longer self pity or self seeking? Is it possible: That the humble person expects nothing and experiences all of God’s blessings – joy, love, peace, safety, abundance, oneness, presence? Is it possible that the person of greed wants all and receives nothing, and lives a life of “outer riches and inner poverty”? Humility will destroy the self- centeredness we can suffer from, and it is through humility we experience God and through God we experience humility. With the removal of self through the 12 steps, one can finally stand free of that which blocks them from their Creator. Finally standing free and with spiritual wings, begin to fly. Blessings, Chop wood carry water Peter Marinelli

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