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Three students can now attend college.

 “We tell them congratulations you are a FHE Health Scholar, and you are going to college,” Amanda Frey, Program Director of Take Stock In Children, told us. She explained further, “most of these kids saw themselves going to college but they just didn’t know how.”

 80% of the TSIC students are first generation college students, meaning they are the first in their families to go to college. For those students who are part of this program, going to college, it’s a dream come true.

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL, August 2015 — This fall, FHE Health (FHE), the premiere drug and alcohol treatment center in the South Florida area, has agreed to sponsor three students as part of Take Stock in Children (TSIC) in Broward County. The students will be named FHE Health Scholars. Their scholarships and scholastic goals will all be supported through the donations of FHE Health, so for the first time, they don’t have to wonder how anymore.

FHE Health works with people struggling with drugs and alcohol to improve their lives. As part of their presence in the community, providing education, awareness and prevention, becoming a part of Take Stock in Children fell in line perfectly with their goals. By donating time and money to three students they are giving them the resources needed to stay crime and drug free as part of a preventative measure. Too often individuals in impoverished communities have none or very few options given to them. Because of that they either turn to drugs or a life of crime. By sponsoring education FHE Health can make sure they stay on the right track.

Take Stock in Children of Broward County was established in 1996 and is a statewide Florida non-profit agency that provides a unique opportunity for low- income students. Students, in grades 6-9, who come from low-income families and are part of a discounted school lunch program, are eligible. The students that are accepted come highly recommended by their guidance counselors, teachers, and school staff and are considered high academic achievers. The students have many risk factors that could keep them from graduating including coming from single family homes, low income families, incarcerated parents, unemployed parents, homelessness, are underprivileged and are first generation college students.

The students who enter into the program will receive a mentor, an adult volunteer, who will sit with them for 45 minutes every week and mentor them. The mentor will give advice, activities, coach them and guide them. Mentors are not tutors but are there to supplement what is needed in the student’s life.

FHE Health will follow their students through their college life, three hard working high school students, whose dreams include becoming an auto mechanic like their dad, a nurse and just simply being successful enough to take care of their family and give back to the world. These students are first generation college students. And for the first time they don’t have to wonder how they will go to college. But that does not mean it is guaranteed. TSIC students are required to sign a contract pledging to do several things to stay in the program and receive their scholarship. The most important is that they pledge to remain crime and drug free. The students pledge to stay out of trouble and out of the system. They also pledge to maintain their good grades as well as attendance and good behavior.

The idea of TSIC is to help the students they know will succeed with the opportunities offered to them. That is why FHE Health decided to get involved. FHE Health has always been involved with the community and a purveyor of second chances and achieving what is seemingly impossible. This gives them a way to have a direct impact to preventing substance abuse.

About FHE Health

FHE Health (FHE) is a nationally accredited drug and alcohol treatment facility. FHE is CARF accredited and DCF licensed. The facility provides all levels of care, Evening Outpatient, Detox, Residential and a Sober Skills program. FHE has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a member of the National Association of Treatment providers. FHE is recognized as one of the top treatment centers in the country and has formed a partnership with Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University and Barry University. Also, named one of the top 100 workplaces in South Florida, the Florida House plays an active role in Broward County and surrounding areas providing education and awareness about drugs and alcohol through schools, charities, non-profits, as well as local events. To learn more about FHE Health, please call 844-299-0618 or visit us at www.FHErehab.com

About Take Stock in Children

Take Stock in Children is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization with a solid 20-year history of providing mentors, educational scholarships and hope for Florida’s low-income and at-risk youth. The organization has provided educational support and college scholarships for over 24,000 children in partnership with more than 850 public schools throughout 67 counties in Florida. It is the only scholarship mentoring program with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty through education to attain a high school graduation rate of 96 percent in Florida. Take Stock in Children has grown to be the largest non-profit purchaser of Florida Prepaid Foundation Scholarships. To learn more about Take Stock in Children in Broward County, please call 954-201-7802 or visit www.takestockbrowardfl.org.


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