How Text Messages Can Stop Addiction

Frequent Texts May Hold the Key to Addiction Recovery

New research shows that text messages can stop addiction by sending reminders, updates and easily keeping addicts in touch with emergency support.

As reported by the New York Daily News, a new form of support for those battling opioid addictions may be available via text.

That’s the goal of researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The idea is that patients will receive regular check-in texts and calls through an app to assess how they’re doing – if they’re on the verge of relapse, getting by or struggling – and relay their responses to a doctor.

The research team believes that the service will be able to lessen the number of opioid abusers, reduce the risk of relapse for those in recovery, and decrease treatment costs all while aiding more doctors in helping more patients. By checking in through texts, the study, published Tuesday in the journal NEJM Catalyst, said that doctors will be able to evaluate their patients’ general status and help them determine if more attention is necessary.

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The app will also have an emergency “panic button” that users can activate for instant help if they feel they’re at immediate risk for relapse. Once pressed, a healthcare worker on standby would call the patient to talk and see if an appointment with a doctor is needed.

“There is an urgent need to address the opioid crisis in powerful new ways,” the study’s senior author Avik Som said in a release. “With the opioid epidemic, time is of the essence because of how quickly it’s grown and the lives that are lost.”

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To learn more about how text messaging may hold the key to long term addiction recovery, please visit the New York Daily News.

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