Taking Care of Your Basic Needs: How to Love Yourself Actively While in the Midst of Addiction Part 2

One of the most challenging aspects of recovering from alcohol and drug addiction is helping rebuild your confidence, which may have crumbled a bit, and the first step to building confidence is the most important thing you can learn, which is how to love yourself. This blog series will explore the tangible ways you can show yourself some love.

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Going back to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, in this article we will be looking further into what it means to fulfill your physiological needs. Note that I did not say psychological. Often times a diagnosis of alcohol or drug addiction can include a dual diagnosis for a mental health disorder but it isn’t always clear which informs the other or if it is a consistent cycle either way. But here’s the thing, your body will never allow you to work on your psychological needs (those that are a bit higher up the hierarchy) if you don’t tend the basic needs of your body.

Remember Maslow? He’s the psychologist that said that we need to build on our basic levels of need before we can really reach self actualization, or the full extent of our potential.


How to meet your basic physiological needs:

Eat consistent and balanced meals throughout your day. Don’t let your body get super hungry. If you don’t eat you experience shifts in blood sugar, this affects mood, decision making skills, etc. Just eat your Wheaties in the morning (unless you’re gluten-free, then I hear rice checks are good) so you don’t miss breakfast, eat a good lunch, maybe a salad or sandwich, and a sensible dinner, with fruit and veggies for snacks between meals to fill it out throughout the day.

Hydrate yourself! Your body is 70% water! No joke. If you let yourself get dehydrated your body goes through all kinds of hoops to keep you going. Some of that circus act includes taking energy you were trying to use to, say, control cravings, and manage triggers, to keep going. It’s hard to live a sober life, when you aren’t drinking water.

Warmth: It may seem funny that this is on Maslow’s list of the most basic needs, until you consider that we are warm blooded animals. We have to manage our body temperature ourselves. Your body doesn’t work when it isn’t afforded the proper temperature.

Rest: Oh this one is hard. We live in a time when people are practically expected to be in two places at once. There’s no time to sleep because we’re too busy surviving. But I’m here to tell you, and so is Maslow, that if you aren’t well rested, surviving is going to be a much more complicated prospect. Especially when you are struggling to control a drug or alcohol addiction. Get no less than six hours of sleep per night. Convention tells you that you need at least 8.

In the next part of this series we will break down tending to your Safety Needs so you have the foundation to move on toward understanding your belongingness and love needs.

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