Step Five Considerations by Peter Marinelli

Page 75 in the Big Book asks some questions after completing step four to ensure the work has been thorough.
It asks us to look at the first five proposals. The following considerations to amplify the questions (not re-invent the wheel)

Step 1
1 Do I still believe I’m powerless over alcohol and my life is unmanageable?
2 Do I still believe I have no power, choice and control before the first drink (in my mind) and after the first drink (in my body)?
3 Do I still believe I cannot manage my own life?
4 Do I still believe I have a mind that will take me back to a drink?
5 Do I still believe I have a mind that will take me back to that which is killing me? (Sprees, unmanageability, self will run riot)
6 Do I still believe that my body is quite as abnormal as my mind, and my body will experience the phenomenon of craving when I drink?
7 Do I still believe I will experience strange mental blank spots without a spiritual experience?

Step 2
1 Am I still willing to accept spiritual help, and if not, know I will experience the bitter end?
2 Am I still willing to have God restore me to sanity
3 Do I still believe God can and will relieve me of my alcoholism?
4 Am I still willing to believe in- or do I now believe in a Power greater then myself?

Step 3
1 Am I still convinced that my life run on self-will can hardly be a success?
2 Am I still willing to quit playing God in every area of my life?
3 Am I clear, that in turning my will and life over to God, that my life is none of my business and that I must continue to seek this Power?

Step 4
1 Have I been thorough in all areas, or have I tried to sneak something through the archway (cheat my way and go undetected)?

Chop wood, carry water
Peter Marinelli

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