Smoking Tobacco Is A Drug Addiction Too

Smoking is an addiction too. It is sometimes allowed at drug rehab centers in South Florida, so you may not have had to deal with quitting when you were dealing with drug detox and withdrawal. Maybe that was a boon to you. Particularly if you were dealing with Opiate withdrawal. Florida’s heat and humidity, coupled with the temperature regulation issues of most symptoms of withdrawal, but especially opioid, makes drug detox a lot of physical and psychological work  Perhaps that one thing, not having a smoke when you felt like it would have been a little too much in that moment. But now you’re back and your focus is on creating a health and sober life.


Real Health Risks

The health risks associated with smoking are well documented.

  • Smoking cigarettes can inhibit your immune system more with every cigarette you smoke as it leaches vitamin c form your body.
  • Can cause an increased tendency toward respiratory illnesses such as chest colds and bronchitis
  • Can cause many different kinds of cancer including lung, esophagus, larynx, mouth, throat, cancers etc
  • Smoking causes hundreds of thousands of deaths a year from its health complications, which don’t always end up being the death of a smoker. Second hand smoke can also have devastating effects on those around the person smoking the actual cigarette.
  • A smoker can expect to live 10 years shorter than a nonsmoker


You can do it!

I know that it feels like a let down to come back from rehab and read me telling you to stop smoking. It may even feel like an impossibility. Here’s the good news. There are ways to work with your doctor to quit smoking. You know this about Opiates or alcohol, but it is true about cigarettes as well, although it is usually much less scary and much less difficult to stop smoking. You’ve done the hard parts. This is just a way to make your life as health as it can be. You deserve to live a strong and long life.


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