Signs and Symptoms of Adolescent Drug Addiction

Thirteen is puberty, 8th grade, falling in love with the idea of falling in love. It’s three years before sweet sixteen. Thirteen is middle school basketball games and first dances. Thirteen is also the age many teenagers first get exposed to drugs and alcohol. It may be, if neglected, the beginning of a lifelong problem. But with drug detox in Florida and our alcohol detox and rehab centers your teenager can find the way to healthy and sober living.


Substance Use and Behavior Changes

When teenagers begin using alcohol their behavior may change drastically. Even the most responsible teenager may start missing school or showing up late to class. They may begin to lose focus and see their grades slip in school. Many teenagers begin to withdraw from friends and social circles when they start to use drugs. They often become combative, defensive, and argumentative. Adolescents may even start breaking the law to access more of the substance they’re consuming, our out of a blind confidence.

Your teenagers may become secretive about any number of things once they begin to use drugs or drink habitually. They may hide how they are spending money, asking for it often but avoiding explaining why. You might find things missing, your own medication, especially if it’s addictive, you may find money missing, or anything that could be sold.


Physical Changes

Depending on the kind of substance your teenager is consuming they may begin to change physically. It could be as simple as bloodshot eyes, or dilated or contracted pupils that they try to conceal, maybe by avoiding eye contact, wearing a low baseball cap, or sunglasses even in the day. They may suddenly begin to lose or gain weight, you may notice that they smell funny, get nosebleeds more often or slur when they talk. Drug addiction can at its worst cause the shakes, tremors, and sudden seizures, and of course in the case of overdose can ultimately lead to death.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction please call us at (844) 299-0618 to discuss affordable rehab in Florida. Contact your insurance to find out if you are one of the many who qualify for the cost of rehab to be completely covered by your plan. Everyone deserves the chance to live a healthy, sober life. We are here to help you on the way.

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