We’re A Rehab that Accepts Insurance

Paying For Rehab That Accepts Insurance

FHE Health is a rehab that accepts insurance as payment for services rendered. How to pay for rehab may be on the very top of your priority list when looking for a rehab facility to attend. We know that money doesn’t grow on trees and that coming up with the money for rehab that accepts insurance may be difficult for some people. There are ways to gather money to pay for rehab that accepts insurance and payment plans may be available for you as well. If you need to make a down payment and don’t have it then rally up family, friends and loved ones to gather funds for your treatment. For some people, asking for help from others may not seem ideal but it’s what many people do in order to limit the financial burden on the addict and their family.

We Accept Health Insurance

Rehab is a form of medical services for those who are addicted to to some kind of drug and/or alcohol. Sometimes the prices of rehab that accepts insurance can make people feel like they can’t afford it but in reality they can. Addiction is an epidemic in our country and more health insurance policies are now including payment for drug rehab services. FHE Health is a rehab that accepts insurance like Humana, Blue Cross BlueShield, Cigna, ValueOptions, and United Behavioral Health. If you have another form of insurance just give us a call and we will find out if we can accept it. Many people ask us, “Does my insurance cover treatment?”, and it’s not always a clear cut answer. Certain insurances plans cover portions of treatment. Some cover detox and residential while other plans offer only outpatient benefits. This will all depend on what insurance plan you selected and how much you can pay out of pocket. Our admissions personnel are trained to perform utilization reviews within minutes. Please call our admissions office at 844-299-0618; staff is available around the clock. Don’t worry about being from out of state because most of our clients are and sometimes going out of state for treatment will work in your favor. If you cannot pay for rehab that accepts insurance then consider asking your local community centers, churches and non-profit organizations for help in funding for rehab that accepts insurance. You can also turn to fundraising websites like GoFundMe or Fundly to get a movement started for your treatment. There are always solutions to financial problems it just may take a little creativity to get the ball rolling.

If you or someone you know is need of a rehab that accepts insurance, please give us a call at 1-844-299-0618.

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