Separating Fact From Fiction

The struggle with addiction, depression, and other sometimes invisible illnesses is largely a struggle with hope. The part of our brain that believes we can get better is struggling with the part of our brain that is afraid to. Unfortunately, there are many predators out there who are in a hurry to profit from our struggles.


The Trouble with Personal Stories

We all know someone with an inspirational story. Some of them are truly heroic. But there’s an expression among scientists: “The plural of data is not anecdotes.” Just because something worked for one person doesn’t mean it can–or should–work for others.

Okay, so your friend Jim was able to go off heroin cold turkey and he never relapsed and is leading a clean and sober life. Great for Jim, we couldn’t be happier for him! But that doesn’t mean that going cold turkey is right or safe for you. It is far better to work with trained medical professionals to make sure you take the safest evidence-based approach.


Beware the Snake Oil Salesmen

When a person is struggling with an addiction or a mental illness, they are in search of hope. Many will people show up at this time to offer their magic magic crystals (on sale now!), their church revival (free if you don’t count tithes), or homeopathic medicine (a 30% discount just for you!). It can be really hard sometimes when you need to trust and be vulnerable, but yet there are people out there who may take advantage of you.

That is where a good support system comes in. Working with professionally trained evidence-based rehab professionals you can build a support network. You can find a therapist whose advice you can trust. You can go to support groups that can help you figure out if something someone is selling really is too good to be true.

Hope is out there, and you can and will get better. Learn how to access evidence-based programs for your recovery today. Call us at (844) 299-0618 or contact us online.

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