Scammers, Fraudsters and Crooks : Welcome to the Rehab Industry

Conditions Vary Widely Across Treatment Centers

There are more than 14,000 rehab centers in America, and with little oversight treatment regimens vary widely and financial fraud is frequent.

As reported in Managed Healthcare Executive, a lack of national standards and less than optimal oversight of many inpatient opioid addiction rehabilitation programs is raising questions about the level of services, personnel, and quality of care many patients are receiving. On the other end of the spectrum, however, are programs dedicated to guiding patients on the road to recovery.

Treatment approaches run the gamut from abstinence, detox, and 12-step programs, to comprehensive programs embracing a combination of group and individual psychological therapy, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), treating co-occurring conditions, and social services. The variety of programs and discrepancies in quality not only breeds skeptics of the addiction rehab industry, but also opens the door for scammers.

“Often times, poor rehab programs offer nice amenities in a scenic location, but lack the appropriate clinical care,” says Lisa Blanchard, vice president, clinical services, Spectrum Health Systems. “They have great mattresses, HD TVs, and horseback riding, but these programs usually suffer from inadequate staffing combined with a lack of clear recovery programming.

“Conversely, good programs have a clear clinical vision and are accommodating, hold clients accountable to expectations, are friendly and inviting with strong customer service, and have strong values and commitment to each client’s recovery,” she says. “The staff should be knowledgeable, well-educated, and compassionate. Good programs also have strong aftercare and family engagement components, as both of these are vital to sustaining recovery.”

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To read more about how conditions vary widely between rehab centers, please visit Managed Healthcare Executive.

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