Realization by Peter Marinelli

Realization by Peter Marinelli

For a moment let us forget about self empowerment, self
Knowledge, self seeking, intellect, gaining, getting ahead and achievement. It’s all having to do with what I think will make me, me. Make me feel whole or complete. It’s an attachment to an outcome. What will make me feel successful and give me a sense of who I am. It all comes from a very narrow and limited place, called the mind – the thinking mind. Rather than searching for these various places of pleasure (which will allow me to also experience pain in the search for pleasure) just honor you. Honor this moment. Honor the NOW as it is. Honor the presence that you experience.
We can experience this when we get unhooked from these attachments. When these attachments are not present (and they can be, if we stop, if we listen and just Be) we feel that certain feeling that everything is right in our little universe. Without anything spectacular happening, all is good, it’s God. The God feeling is the purity that is within all of us. It’s that Power which is indefinable becoming defined – they meet.
The level of my consciousness with God, will determine how our personal relationships are, starting with the relationship with one’s self.
There are many words to work with as a mantra. Breath, Focus, Power, Turn, Watch, Aware, Observe are some. They can help keep us where we should be throughout our busy and sometimes competitive lives. But what’s going on in our lives is not our life. Our life is our spirit, the God in all of us.
When we touch this, great things can happen. We surmount great obstacles and challenges that are put before us. “Seek the Kingdom of God and all will be added unto you”

Perhaps when we say we cannot see God. Yet we can pause, (Breath, Focus, Power, Turn, Watch, Aware, and Observe) and begin to recognize His great works. Then we can see God as clearly as we see each other. We have all experienced this, and then the mind tells us it can’t be God. Infact my mind must think of something to get me busy thinking again, with, “there must be something wrong somewhere”, “there must be some drama I can hook into”. The mind makes a great servant but a terrible master, and yet we stand ready to serve the mind. So much of our anguish, our dramas, and our challenges, come from the thinking mind. This thinking mind is the one who sets up drama, then brings it down on us even more, with its own solutions. Today’s answers are tomorrow’s problems. Yet we return to it (the mind) as if it holds the keys to the universe. We actually honor our mind like it is a God.

Question: How can I solve a problem with the same mind that created it? I’m using the same level of consciousness to solve a problem that created it in the first place.
How many times have we said to ourselves or others I’m going out of my mind because of something that seems to be driving at us? In reality if we were out of our minds we would be doing great. The problem is that we are too much into our minds.
We need to get out of our mind into our being, into our hearts our souls. The words to describe that innermost place are not that important, really not important at all. What is important for the sake of this discussion is the place where our True Being is.
It is not in money, job, relationships, house, or the reputation we have or have given ourselves, none of this. It is beyond all of this. It is quiet, soft, and easy. It is comfort, it is presence. And in this place there is more power and direction then all the intellect you achieved in university, all the money you have earned, all the possessions you have purchased. How much of this do you really need. How many homes do you need, how big of a home do you really need, how big of a car, how many vacations, it goes on and on. Yet when it’s all said and done, all we have is breath, now, and presence. That innermost place, which is who we are. Not what we have become or think we need to be. Rather than trying to be an impression of who we think we are, Be the expression of who we really are.

Chop wood, carry water
Peter Marinelli

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