Practicing Mindfulness at Florida House Rehabs

Practicing Mindfulness in Recovery

Florida House DetoxWe live in a society where stress is claiming many of our lives. We feel overwhelm and uncomfortable within ourselves. Our minds are not clear and we can barely function. We want to find the meaning the life because there’s just too much thrown at us all at once. This is the world we live in today and it can get easier or harder depending on how you look at it. At FHE Health we believe in the principles of changing the way you think in order to deal with the triggers and struggles you will come across in recovery.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is when you get into the habit of focusing on the present moment and nothing else. Mindfulness can be practiced at anytime of the day when you’re consciously awake. It can start as just telling yourself that you’re not going to react to anything negative and just take it for what it is and be in that moment. If you start off that way then you can start to regulate your emotions and not let things get to you. Being mindful allows you to get off autopilot, step out of yourself, and just relax. You can also set times in the day when you’re going to close your eyes and meditate. In the same method as before, you will just focus on the present moment and try to calm your mind of all thoughts. The goal is to be one with yourself.

How is mindfulness incorporated at Florida House Rehabs?

Many Florida House Rehabs use the concept of mindful to instill peace and tranquility into their clients. Serenity is so important to the recovery process. If you cannot be at peace with yourself then you cannot live a long and successful sober life. Your sobriety is dependent on you being able to be gentler with yourself and to be able to forgive yourself. When you practice mindful meditation you automatically become calmer, your blood pressure drops, your breathing becomes deeper (which brings more oxygen throughout the body) and your mind becomes more alert.

About FHE Health

FHE Health is a nationally recognized and CARF accredited all inclusive, gender-specific drug and alcohol treatment facility and sober living community. Our vision is to help struggling addicts and alcoholics achieve the immense potential that a sober life can offer. Licensed by the State of Florida’s Department of Children and Families (DCF), we employ a team of highly qualified, licensed clinical and medical professionals dedicated to providing the most complete and comprehensive array of clinical services across the continuum of care. We provide all different facets of addiction treatment in order for our patients to receive a well-rounded recovery plan. By addressing each area of recovery, patients are able to reestablish every area of their lives through a guided process.

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