Some Very Creative Places To Hide Drugs

Places to hide drugs

Louisville Officials Help Parents Find Hidden Drugs Stashes

Police share some tips on where to look for hidden drugs inside your house, including electric outlets, bottom of cereal boxes and behind electric switches.

As reported by the Courier-Journal,  a Pringles can, ChapStick tube, hairbrush handle and the Bible. These are some of the places drug users have hidden their stashes.

Parents afraid their children may have caved to the temptation of drugs circulating in the city asked Courier Journal for help figuring out where the drugs might be. 

They know it might be a matter of life or death. Thousands of users are overdosing throughout Louisville, and according to a Courier Journal analysis of coroner data, there were a record 408 overdose deaths last year. 

Among those, 45 families had to bury a son or daughter 25 years old or younger. Another family had to bury an 18-year-old who shot himself while high on marijuana and ecstasy.

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Ed Small, a minister at Mosaic United Methodist Church in Pleasure Ridge Park and the leader of several area support groups for loved ones of addicts, understands their desperation and helplessness. One of his relatives died prematurely because of drugs. 

Parents get very frustrated not knowing where to find the drugs,” he said.

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To learn more about where addicts are hiding their drugs, please visit the Courier-Journal

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