Pittsburgh Woman In Viral Video Dies of Overdose

Danielle Walker

Woman who was knocked out on the street loses battle with heroin

It was a dramatic video that quickly went viral, as a young woman was knocked out on the street and people walking by stopped to take selfies instead of calling for help. While Danielle Walker recovered from the violent street incident, it turned out to be a harbinger of how her heroin addition would finally knock her out for good just a few weeks later.

Danielle leaves behind a daughter who is only 9 years old, and now an orphan. Her father also overdosed five months ago.

“Can you imagine being that age and losing both parents to drugs,” said her mother Donna. “Oh my gosh.”

While the details of Danielle’s death are not clear, apparently when Danielle overdosed for the final time, her friends panicked and put her body outside in the cold, dead in an alley.

Donna is now raising her 9 year old granddaughter Izzy.

“I was a good parent, I blame myself,” Donna said.

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To read more about how one Pittsburgh woman lost her battle with heroin, please visit Pittsburgh CBS Local.

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