“OMG” – “WTF” by Peter Marinelli

Thoughts by Peter Marinelli

This presidential campaign has been, so far one of the ugliest, nastiest and may I say absolute embarrassments that I can recall.

Further listening to these candidate’s supporters is just as frightening. Supporters of one candidate have venom for supporters of others candidates and those running for election are no better.

One can only feel “un- American” if you don’t support the “hot’ candidate. If it’s Obama, I’m a socialist and if it’s Newt I’m a Nazi and Romney I’m a supporter of cooperate America.

What is really is alarming for this writer is what exists underneath all of this. One, have we become so naive or perhaps desperate that we as Americans really believe a politician is going to lead us to the “promised land”. Have you ever seen the hysteria with some of these supporters as the respected party’s conventions?

Second, I think we should finally come to terms with the fact that politicians are just that, politicians.

They have for the most part one goal in mind, to get power and prestige, and climb over American citizens to do it.

I don’t know what the solution is. How can anything get done when the powers that be (Democrats and Republicans) hate each other?

These are our leaders!

One gets the feeling that Rome is burning.

I hope to be proved wrong and that someone will arise and give hard working Americans our country back.

How sad that men and women work so hard to buy a home then lose it while cooperate America is giving handouts and forgiveness with a slap on the wrist (Wall Street)

How sad that out military folks (who ought to have anything they want when they return home) are quickly forgotten about by our government when they return home. Why is that you pay for medical insurance and find out that you’re not covered for too much and that insurance companies determine what sort of health care you get. This industry should be investigated with the same passion the government uses to lock up mobsters-talk about organized crime!

Where are my politicians who are supposed to stop this or at least regulate it?

Oh wait lobbyist and lots of money!

It’s exhausting and alarming.

What to do


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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